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I am kinda related to him. not blood related but I know I will see him as long as I live. I will even be in his wedding. But I am hopelessly in love with him. he lives in a different country and has a girlfriend. he doesn't think much of me. I am just some annoying girl to him but he doesn't understand every single I am on on facebook all the time so I will be able to talk to him the instant he gets on. Most of the time he is like I am busy, sleepy watching something else. He doesn't mean anything byt it like those things are more important than chatting with me but it kills me inside when he says it. I said ok and leave but it's never okay. I need to move one. He is my first love and it is so stupid. I am hopelessly in love with this guy who I have no chance to get together with.
Sarah Crushes May 08, 2024 at 4:03 pm 0
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