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Im horny afff rn. I always imagined what being a girl was like. But since Im a dude with a schlong, gay sex and masturbation is the closest I got and I wonder what it feels like. I want to dress like a girl so baaaaad. I wanna go out at night, walking around looking like a cute schoolgirl. In a blouse, skirt, bra, panty, knee-high socks, and girl shoes. I wanna feel humiliated that a dude is cross dressing like a girl, walking around in public pretending to be a girl. It feels so wrong but so right. I wanna look for a dude with the same cross dressing fetish as me and I'd wanna kiss and cuddle him so bad and we'd masturbate each other, rubbing each other's dicks while french kissing in public, his tongue all slobbery and sliding in and out of my mouth while our rock-hard dicks are clashing with each other, rubbing them hard til' we both **** at the same time on each other. Then we'd take turns doing anal on each other or doing a 69 in public, sucking each other's dick til we can't do it no more. Im so gay and disgusting for thinking about this, but I want to do it sooo bad. I wanna be penetrated and covered in **** so much.
anonymous Fetishes March 27, 2023 at 11:40 am 0
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Woah... well, we can't stop your homosexual fantasies. Anyways... yeah..
anonymous 4 months ago
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