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Bath tub and pool table

Leon is 31 years old, about 5'10, probably 170lbs, cute with a nice body. I'm a female 24, 5'5'', sorry to say 209 lbs. and unfortunately not very attractive to guys. Leon lives alone in a private house near the lake and my friend Kerry and I have been pampering him for well over a year. We each are at his house 2 or 3 times a week where we bathe him and sexually satisfy him. Now that sounds like we are having sex with him but it isn't and I seriously doubt he would ever want sex with either of us. He does pay us a $100 each time, so I make 2 or 3 hundred dollars doing this every week. He does also reward us with gifts a few times a month such as concert tickets, gift certificates and often extra cash. His house is beautiful and he evidently is very rich. I don't know for sure but think he is in some kind of entertainment business. I thought he was crazy when I first began doing this but know now he has some type of a fetish for what Kerry and I do with him. I know he has a girlfriend and probably can't or won't ask her to demean herself the way Kerry and I do. First we bathe him while in the large bathtub he has then we put a plastic cover and quilt on his pool table where we are paid to play with him.

He is always in a robe when we I arrive and know he is the same with Kerry on her nights. He makes a drink while I fill the tub for him and start by shampooing his hair and totally washing his body. Kerry and I both shave his pubic hair so it depends if he needs a shave the nights I am there. What he does do is stand as I wash his genitals and he actually bends over for me to wash the crack of his rear completely exposing himself. As this goes on needless to say he always has an erection. Once rinsed he has me dry his body head to foot. From there we go to his large recreation room and he lays back on the pool table with knees bent up and legs fully open. He instructs where and how soft or hard to touch him and his case of sex toys are always at his side. For an hour or more I play with his genitals and use various probes to penetrate him anally as I massage his testicles and penis. When this first started I was payed $50 a night but as soon as I agreed to do oral on him he raised it to $100 and did the same for Kerry. He doesn't actually have me give him a blow job but seems to prefer me to lick his penis and scrotum most of the time. He controls everything I do to him and often he has me use a vibrator on his penis before I penetrate him with it. He often ejaculates some semen just by having the vibrator on his penis. When he finally wants me to jerk him off its a combination of a blow job also. He never asks me to undress which I am glad about and as degrading as it is for me the money and gifts are well worth my efforts.
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Sounds like a dream job, is there a gripe
anonymous 5 years ago
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