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Dating Rebecca

I met her in a bar about 4 months ago and she almost immediately considered me her boyfriend. She isn't what I would call beautiful, a little plump and a little to aggressive. I originally took her back to my cabin figuring she was a sure piece of ass. After work on Fridays I drive straight to my cabin and come back home sometime Sunday. Its in a rural area and I bought it 8 years ago since its close to the creek and I'm an avid fisherman. After the first time I saw her every weekend and the sex is great with her. Then back at the end of May is when she began being at my cabin when I arrived usually by 6pm depending on traffic. I'm a laborer for a construction company and when I leave work I'm usually sweaty and filthy dirty and shower when I get to the cabin.
Remember I said she was aggressive. It was the 2nd Friday she was waiting for me and I was in mud that day at work. It was hot out maybe high 80's I pulled up in the back and Becca was sitting on the deck. As soon as I got out of my truck she said "your not going inside like that?". She went in and came out with a bar of soap, shampoo and a towel telling me to get undressed. Thats when she got the hose and pulled over the picnic table. At first I just told her I'll take off my boots and go to the shower but wow am I glad I didn't. Then she just said to take off my clothes telling me I won't regret it, and I sure didn't.
She first squirted me down with the hose and had me lay down on the picnic table where she just began soaping up my body washing me head to foot. Then she took the hose on a fine spray and rinsed me off paying special attention to my genitals and butt crack. By then I had a full erection and thought it was over. She had me bend up my knees and pushed my legs wide open soaping up my genitals and began giving me a hand job and using a fine spay on my testicles and anus. Its hard to explain the sensations just by the way she jerked me off and kept spraying the water up and down from my anus to my balls. I only regret that I ejaculated to soon. Thankfully I get the same wash down every Friday since. Aside from the sex I have with her I can never remember having such a sensual hand job. She plays with me other times and is more than willing to give me oral sex anytime I want. So for now at least I AM her boyfriend.
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agh, kurkle it up.
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