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Last year when they started canceling school I started masturbating during breakfast with mom right there. At first I was real careful so she wouldn't notice. After a few times I stopped hiding it. I looked at her while I was making a mess on the floor in front of me. Not long after that I started squirting it up the front of my pajamas. One morning I just stood up with my cock over the table and started to ****. As I did it I told her I was sorry but I couldn't help it. After that whenever I wanted to I would just stand right in front of her and masturbate until I would **** all over her. She has never said anything. Sometimes there is so much **** and I'm so exciting I have to do it a second time. I actually tell her think you when I'm done. I'm still doing it and still can't get enough.
joe Family June 30, 2021 at 5:17 am 0 311

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Great confession Joe, but you must know that even your mom wants you to get a girlfriend. Stop making a mess in the kitchen, bro.
Mr. Ricks 1 year ago
Yeah I'm with Mr. Ricks on this one. Get a fuggin GF my guy
zdx 1 year ago
Damn. Wilding. Hhahahaa. I love this.
Fake name: ALLY 1 year ago
Oh my God dude.. I hope your mom is at least a MILF.
That's just.. fucked. Don't fear the Covid. Don't feel trapped inside. Go places and meet girls, show them your d!ck; anything but this wretched ninja-fapping on family members.
Fake name: ENEMY 1 year ago
I **** on your mom too, joe.
True name: INDIFFERENT 1 year ago
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