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Drunk Barefoot Hillbilly

Drunk Barefoot Hillbilly

One Time Me and my family was trying to have lunch at McDonald's until a man came in wearing a straw hat, overalls, and bare feet while holding both a Stuffed Horse Head Toy and a Banjo too and as McDonald's Employees tried to let the man know about the Dress Code Policy, he then stands on top of the counter playing his banjo and singing Old MacDonald had a Farm to the annoyance of McDonalds Workers.

He Sang Old MacDonald Had a Farm EIEIO and on that Farm he had a cow EIEIO. With a Moo Moo Here and a Moo Moo There. Here a Moo, There a Moo, Everywhere a Moo Moo. Old MacDonald Had a Farm EIEIO. All While Clapping his hands and stomping his bare feet on the Counter,

Then the Employees began yelling at him to stop and to leave the restaurant and then the Hillbilly Farted right in the McDonald's Worker's Face and then jumped off of the counter and then he got on his Stuffed Horse Head Toy and started to Gallop towards the restroom and yes he went inside the restroom barefoot, now that is just nasty seeing a grown man walk barefoot inside of a public restroom in a place where people eat, that just nearly made me lose my lunch.

Then about 20 minutes later the Hillbilly leaves the restroom wearing his Straw Hat and His Underwear with turd stains skidmarked on his underwear as everyone all started laughing at this idiot in his underwear as now he's singing Old Susana after he exited the restroom and then approached my table,

He then laid his banjo on my table and then picked up his foot and then he started to smell his **** feet in the restaurant while other patrons were trying to eat as I could hear everybody groaning in disgust and wondering if this man needs to be put in the funny farm because if you are smelling your feet in a restaurant than you should be given a one way trip to the Funny Farm.

Then the Hillbilly snatched my Big Mac off of my table and placed his foot inside of my sandwich, and then he sucked his **** toes on my **** big mac.

I was so pissed off I took the inbred's banjo and smashed him upside the head with his banjo as McDonald's Workers came to drag this half naked hillbilly out of McDonald's as everybody applauded me for taking care of this whackjob.

Then after McDonalds Employees dragged this Hillbilly outside of the restaurant everybody outside all pointed and laughed and honked their car horns at this inbred hick for being in his underwear in public along with his rude and disruptive antics as they hauled his ass off to the funny farm.
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