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Why Don t They Get It

Why Don t They Get It

So, I just want to get some things out of my chest, and I think a confession site might do...

I'm asexual, though I think my parents don't get it quite that much and I sometimes, in games usually, I switch identities from time to time, I change my name, age, personality, and sexuality because I feel like I'm really transparent and doesn't have much of a personality other than being pessimistic, I don't really think I'm talented much so I take this as lots of advantages to switch an identity.

I also think my parent doesn't like to have imperfect children and insists that I'm so smart, kind, good-looking, talented and all the bullcrap, but I'm not, I don't think any of my siblings are, not one, mostly me. I do draw, but I was never good at it assuming that I've only started last April 2019 and I am self-taught and into drawing males. And I think I have only an average intelligence, probably 125 IQ as suggested by a site which is not even official, and I'm not kind, I'm not rude either, I'm just the type to not get involved in anything as 'Every Word You Speak, Damages Your Reputation' is what I believe in, and I really don't like teachers who bring their kids to school, except for the english teacher, and I keep murmuring rude things about people behind their backs because I have to friend to rant it to. I'm very imperfect, and once I had the guts to tell my parent 'But nobody's imperfect' they just said to stop talking and that's it.

When I try to do things, I just keep it small to not scatter much evidence, like before, I cut my hair for a goal look but I just cut a few of them, not leaving much evidence.

I'm not that much scared of dying too because I'm a very weak person in all states and I just can't compare to others older or younger than me...

ye just fuk life, no I AM NOT SUICIDAL, I DO NOT WISH TO GO UNDER THE NOOSE, BUT I DO NOT WISH TO DIE OF OLD AGE EITHER, I AM NOT DEPRESSED NOR DO I HAVE ANXIETY (though maybe a small bit of social anxiety) (and the only way i want to die is by being pushed of a building by someone i trust and my age by that time will be no younger than 21) (the age part is a joke but the death is sorta what i want though)
Gary Social August 07, 2020 at 2:12 pm 0
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I think all you want is attention. And it’s quite sad...asexual? What the **** is with you people today? Get a **** life! Asexual, pansexual...your all fucked in your heads. Pick something and stick with it. Quit **** crying and making excuses. Boo **** hoo about mommy and daddy. Your probably a closet queer masking the shame by saying your asexual! How is that even possible? There’s something wrong with you, your not normal and need to get off this earth sooner than fuckers sicken me.
anonymous 2 months ago
I'm sorry. Struggling with sexuality can be so difficult.

Comparing yourself to others is one of the worst things you can do for yourself. The truth is everybody is really at different stages as far as an attribute goes. You seem quite smart to me looking at your writing style and fluent english (No joke, english is an extremely hard language - a lot of natives don't speak fluently). I think you should find something you like and enjoy learning. Don't worry about other people.
Abigail 1 month ago
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