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its not really a crush but im interested in this one girl. like i wanna know more about her. lets call her idk cassie shes EXTREMELY pretty. like the first time I saw her I was literally blinded by her PERFECT SKIN HELLO!?!/ like I didn't know I got a sneak peak of heaven.. sorry. okay anyways I've never gotten to talk to her because 1. I'm not like that I don't walk up to people and say hi that's too scary and 2. we don't have any mutual friends. but today, we had this afterschool thing and I followed one of my friends around because I didn't know anyone else and she ended up going up to cassie. no and what shocked me was SHE SAID HI TO ME. LOOK THIS MIGHT SEEM SAD BUT. we've never talked, yeah we might have two classes together but I literally don't participate and theers no reason for her to know my name. AND SHE SAID HI WITH MY NAME. i was honestly extremely shocked right there. no and the thing is so we had to go do something but i already did it and when i told her i couldn't go with her SHE LOOKED SAD. like look I've watched her (NO IN A WEIRD WAY) I'm just a people watcher. and in the classes shes with me shes so quiet and never talks to anyone and the fact shes comfortable with me after we literally said hi. IDK , also I know that she might just know my name by idk just knowing like how I know other peoples names too but the thing is SHE DOESNT REMMEBER NAMES. like as I said I just observe people and ive seen her ask a lot of people for there names. AND THE FACT TAHT SHE KNOWS MINE AND I LIKE NEVER DO ANYTHING?? IDK i just hope we talk again somehow.
uh Crushes May 31, 2023 at 11:59 pm 0
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