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They were correct We just hid it well

They were correct We just hid it well

My former business group was a chatty, nosey bunch, always wanting to know someone's personal business so they could gossip about it. They all thought, and repeatedly asked, that my business associate and very close female friend, were having sex and were a couple. We heard it at events, fundraisers, regular meetings..Even when we'd each do mandatory, individual meetings with members, the other person would sneak in a "So, you two are...You know", or directly say, as the meeting would be finishing "I know you two are fkg like crazy". Got annoying after awhile.

We strongly denied it all the time, both separately and together, and the questions and assumptions decreased after awhile (or, they lost interest). Thing is, they were 100% correct...She and I WERE having regular, wild sex, in hotels, client homes, my house..Wherever we wanted. We weren't in a relationship, but did enjoy each other and, quite honestly, were good at it together. Did it in the shower a few times, and she said I put her "in a trance" it was so good.

We hid it well in public, especially with the nosey business group, but, in private..Were fkg each other's brains out every chance we got.
anonymous Work June 11, 2018 at 12:26 pm 0
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Perhaps it wasn't as hidden as you think. If everyone asked all the time, they probably knew. They probably just gave up because they were tired of hearing the lies. None of their business, of course, but that kind of thing is so ill advised in the workplace that people are just very curious when it happens.
Rob 5 months ago
OP here, just came across this again. The questions and assumptions started before we were messing around together, so at least, early on, were completely incorrect. The head of one business group, which was an offshoot of another, was the main culprit, always asking me about her, where's your other half, is she still in your bed...Just annoying as hell. And this was before she and I actually did anything together. Having the nosey, gossipy head of that group constantly saying things, both to us and, no doubt, others, really pissed me off.

Were we having sex? Early on, no. We got to it, sure, but by then, they were all sure we were. To me, we didn't lie. We just kept it to ourselves, and they thought what they were going to anyway.
anonymous 2 months ago
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