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I am a doctor and I hate people
anonymous Sins December 02, 2018 at 11:05 am 1
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Can understand your hatred doctor. People are not the easiest creatures to love. We cause wars, strife, destroy our planet, fling our fecal matter and in general act stupid.

Unfortunate news for you though. You're a people just as well as us. Wager you can appreciate someone taking a moment and having empathy for you.

I love you as a person. You do a great job of helping others and you matter even if you didn't do that job. We all deserve love.

Hope you can find a better "place" in life. May you have the brightest blessings of the current holiday season. Thank you for being you.
CongenitalPatient 1 month ago
What a coinkidink. After many years of being abused by doctors, I hate you too!

How about getting into a profession where your hatred isn't potentially deadly or traumatizing?
anonymous 4 weeks ago
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