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she stole a dream of mine

she stole a dream of mine

I just want you to know it was us who said we would go to norfolk when I was a child. never heard roz say it. now caron is there we won't go. why do they have to steal in on things. just wanted someone to know what gamers they are. hope she gets fat on it. that is one bitch I hope gets the bullet and bulls dick up her face that is coming to her. someone told me there is better out there for me. let her rot in it till mother has to bog her out from a million dollar food poisoning law suit from their cowshit cowsperm milk!
some people are bad. Funny September 14, 2019 at 7:00 pm 2
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her old man raped and sexually abused a lot of women. I am sure the numbers would be high of the rapes on tape he has of girls he abused for ages and he was in jail for hard crime while wife was **** her former boyfrind malcum and I know so many people hate them and all their criminally gotten millions. I just want to see them suffer in hell. their drugs and guns, their drinking alcohol families, their pimpo brothel family their nasty violence of their daughters who snort drugs. I just want them to pay. I am many others feel this way. they abused me. and god should make them suffer. god should harm them and not his own. the devil may love them but god should never. my god will never love them ever. I don't feel bad for hating them. I just hope justice bashes and rapes and drugs them out back for all the girls they drugged and raped on tapes.
kill them dead. 4 years ago
None of what either of you said made any sense.
Logical 4 years ago
if they are into gang acts and crime and they have hurt you, you sound very hurt, I would stay away too. what you say is all jumbled but main thing I am hearing is you feel abused and they stole one of your goals to go to a place at some time. then they sound like devils **** and the more removed you are away from them the better for your own emotional health. Just remeber feelings don't have to make sense. but you make some sense to me. just because logical doesn't get it doesn't mean others won't understand. some people are blood suckers who copy cat every thing and you should not be around them if they do drugs. let them suffer it out the hard way.
909qh 4 years ago
any man that gets involved with them are crazy. that daughter will give any man she is with a jail cell term of more then 20 years. have sense and stay away from them if they are that evil.
timezones 4 years ago
I'm saying their sentences don't make sense. Phrases like "bulls dick up her face that is coming to her" is a bunch of jargon. There are a lot of typos that would have to be fixed for this to make sense. Maybe the author was using a translation program or was extremely inebriated.
Logical 4 years ago

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