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Recorded naughty best friend having sex for years

Recorded naughty best friend having sex for years

A couples’ moans turn me on. You can hear anyone’s moans if getting it on and you’re instantly aroused or curious. We know we all are if we say otherwise. It’s normal. I like hearing couples making love as they normally would be when their kids are home or the stakes are higher.

My best friends’ moans are amazing. I slept with her twice early on in our friendship when she was manic but I also enjoy hearing her with her husband. First time I visited she went to bed severely early for a friend visiting on a weekend.

She giggled and looked at me while running into the bedroom. While it was surprising, it was obvious why, attractive people visiting that they liked or seem interesting drive them to it. They went at it intensely for hours upon my first visit.

I heard them often and the moans were incredible more than when I had phone sex with her on the phone which was often. Naughty little thing. Before I left after indulging in stuff with her personally and hearing them turned on by my company, I put an audio device in their bedroom.

It was very small and impossible to see. Pretty expensive at the time but well worth it. I could hear them live from states away while they made love or someone cheated. She did often. If it was in that bedroom I’d hear it all anytime I wanted.

I was able to record anything going on as I wanted if it was different times of the day. There was a motion detector on it and I was able to program it to any voices being recorded. It recorded everything anyway but I wanted the sex.

I heard some pretty interesting, revealing stuff but discarded everything but the sex. All I wanted to hear was my then gorgeous best friend in her early 30s prime. Most beautiful moans and voice I’ve ever heard and I used to be a sex addict, so I’ve heard hundreds.

Amazingly, the bug lasted for years. I was surprised by that and forgot about it but the program recorded all the data regardless. What a great investment. Upon another visit much later on, i took the bug out as I was over hearing her, but I figured I had enough of her that I wanted.

I knew what to expect from them but wow the quality was off the charts. Lots of recordings I’ve stashed away but after hearing her even make him sound attractive in her seducing him, and straddling him, I gotta say I’d take her anytime. Had her twice but the more you hear, the more you become addicted. . I surely was. If she only knew..
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