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Neighbor Boy Next Door

Neighbor Boy Next Door

My name is Janice and I'm 28 years old. My husband and I live next to a couple that have two kids. Their oldest is a boy in his early to mid teens, but I didn't know his name yet. He's very handsome and I've noticed the boy watch me sun before and I liked it. My husband and I watched him in his room one night when he forgot to close the blinds. His light was on so we could see what he was doing. We live in a neighborhood where a lot of the houses are similar. On one side of our bedroom we have a window that looks over to his. It's about 30 feet away but you can still tell what's going on. One night we saw he was masturbating. We laughed about watching him at first, but then my husband teased me about getting aroused. It was true. The boy masturbating was affecting me.

A few days later I started being more revealing for the boy when I was sunning in the small area that our realtor mislabeled as a back yard (ha). I knew the boy was watching me after he went quiet on his side of the fence. I had my chair angled partly toward the fence so he could see. I removed my top and applied an oil to myself. I massaged my breasts for longer than I needed. I had sunglasses on to hide my eyes from searching along the fence where I expected the boy to be. The segments between the boards were thin but I could still make out where he was. My husband came out and commented, but I pulled him down to whisper in his ear what I was doing. He laughed and made a mild comment went on about his business.

I kept doing this every day of good sun to put on a show for the boy next door. One night I got another break and the boy left his light on. He was completely naked in his room and playing with himself. My husband and I left our light off and watched him from the privacy of darkness. He was really going to town on himself. We both got the impression he was exhibiting himself for me. It turned us on and we fucked hard. I had a wicked thought afterward. I wanted to meet the neighbors.

We waited until the weekend and we walked next door when they were home. They invited us in and we chatted for a while. The kids came downstairs while we were there and the boy looked embarrassed when he recognized me. It was hilarious but I kept my composure and ignored him as if nothing occurred. Their girl is 10 and her name is Alicia. We learned the boy is named Eric and he's 13, but he looks quite developed for his age. I extended my hand to him eventually to meet him and he was a little gentleman.

We have a small 8' above ground pool in the back yard, but it's got a small deck platform around it. We extended hospitality for all of them to use it when they want.

It took a while to get them to come over but on one particular occasion when just their kids were over and in the pool. It was starting to get dark outside and Alicia returned home. My husband and I were outside and I was still in my bikini, but I was getting horny and had some wine in me. I sat in a lawn chair that was obscured from the edge of our house and invited my husband to sit beside me. We started some heavy petting and eventually my top came off. Eric which is roughly 6' away from us in the pool was watching us.

I knew Eric was having it rough in the pool. He appeared to want to get out but no doubt had an erection to conceal. After a little groping by my husband I started to feel guilty for teasing Eric. I told my husband to go inside and I'll send Eric home. Once I was alone with Eric I put my top back on so I could get in the pool with him since it was in view of parts of their house.

I got in and faced away from their house as I relaxed against the rim. I invited Eric to get next to me so we could talk. I asked him if he likes coming over and if he likes us. Finally I asked if he could keep it a secret about what he saw earlier. Of course he said yes. I asked if he wanted to touch my boobs. He was getting anxious. I told him to relax and I very discretely pulled my top down to free my breasts. Eric reached over and started to feel them. I couldn't help myself. I wanted his hands on me. I imagined my husband watching us from our backside bedroom window as I let Eric grope me. Eric started focusing on a hardening nipple. I got so hot, and I could feel myself getting wetter than I already was. I had that turning knotted feeling inside. It felt so taboo and hot. Eric had a great unmistakable grin on his face. He was enjoying himself. I tried to look down into the water to see his tented swim trunks but it was getting too dark to see much. I got bold and found his dick through his trunks and started massaging him. Then I felt his dick throb against my hand; he ejaculated. His hand squeezing my breast as he audibly enjoyed it. His face flushed red. I had planned to pull his penis out and jerk it but he was too excited and popped fast.

I spoke softly to him asking if he liked that. He responded positively, but almost couldn't talk because he was shy. I told him that he got me horny and that I had watched him masturbate in his room. I also told him that I liked it when he watched me sunbathe. He remained silent with a wide grin. I rubbed my hand against his stomach and I could feel him tense and shudder with pleasure to my touch. It was too much, he was oversensitive.

I put my tits back in my top and exited the pool. I told him I'd grab him a bottled water, but then he should go home because it's getting late. He asked if he could come in quick to use the bathroom. I let him inside and told him to use a towel to dry off too because it was cold inside.

After he exited the bathroom I gave him a water. My husband noticed our awkward exchange in the house, and asked with a suspicious smirk if Eric had fun. I told him to quit teasing because 'Who doesn't have fun in a pool?'

I don't know why I have a crush on this boy. He's very handsome but I'm also completely satisfied with my husband. I liked showing myself to Eric and I liked that I gave him pleasure. I understand I'm likely the first one to have touched him sexually, and it felt good. I wanted to teach him things. I wanted to find a way to get Eric alone and masturbate in front of him. I know it's supposed to be wrong what I'm doing. I don't know why I'm like this with this boy.

My husband mentioned that pheromones have a lot to do with determining attraction. I read up on it and he's right, but that information doesn't help me curb the crush. He thinks it's funny. He bought me binoculars this last Valentine's Day! My husband's a teasing prick sometimes but I'm not ashamed to say I use them. My husband jokingly says he feels left out because he's not attracted to Alicia, so I tease him that she hasn't hit puberty yet.

Eric still exhibits himself for me and I go so far as to sun bathe nude when he's around to watch. What my husband doesn't know is that I've already masturbated Eric onto me three times when I got him alone. Once when he came over after school then two times during the summer. I love watching Eric ****.
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That's so hot. Wish I had neighbors like you where I grew up. lol. Teach that by to be a man!
Paris 4 months ago
A similar thing happened where I grew up but it was the neighbor's daughter. She was 17 and I was 12. I felt she was an adult back then but now I know she was as immature as any other teen. But we were the ones with the pool and we let her come over. She was my first. I'll never forget how she made me feel.
SuperSoldier 4 months ago
i know what this is like. i made out with a boy that does our yard work. hes like 14 or so and works with his father doing landscaping. i got him alone in the house to offer him water when i was tanning that day and i took my top off for him. he near fell apart because he was so nervous. he got hard and felt me up and i kissed him some. he popped his load in his shorts before i got any further. hes been shy since then.
Lynn 3 months ago
It's true we can't help who we're attracted to. And thirteen isnt bad for a boy cause they are horny fucks anyway, and wanting to get some every chance they get. They get some pussy and it helps their confidence.
Nisha 3 months ago
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