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Men and crying this one is for you boys girls

Men and crying this one is for you boys girls

Crying is a natural emotional release that both men and women have the right to feel. Here are some reasons why it's perfectly normal for men to cry:

1. Emotional expression: Just like women, men have emotions, and crying can be a healthy way for men to express themselves and release their emotions.

2. Coping mechanism: Crying can be a coping mechanism for dealing with stress, grief, or emotional pain. It can help men to process their feelings and ease the emotional burden on their minds.

3. Destigmatizing men's emotions: It is important to normalize men’s emotions to reduce social stigmas that makes it difficult for men to express themselves. The toxic masculinity norm has always placed men in a position where showing emotions was regarded as a weakness. It only takes a courageous man to cry and feel comfortable about it!

Finding a nurturing, supportive, and loving woman to share your life with can be difficult, but there are a few things that you can do to help you find a suitable partner:

1. Express yourself: Be open and honest with potential partners about your feelings and emotions. This is essential because some women may not be comfortable with men showing vulnerability. Be confident in being genuine about your feelings.

2. Avoid settling: Take your time to find the right partner. Don't settle for someone just because you're tired of being alone or don't believe that you can do better.

3. Explore non-judgemental spaces: Pursue activities or visit places where nurturing, supportive, and loving women are prevalent. Attend art classes, game clubs, religious centers, support, and volunteer groups with likeminded aims.

4. Be confident in yourself: Self-confidence and self-awareness can be an attractive quality in men and women alike. Work on developing your sense of self and embrace your unique qualities. It's okay to put yourself out there, make an effort to approach people, and enter into conversations with a positive mindset.

5. Foster strong relationships with family and friends: Surround yourself with positive people who have your best interests at heart! Quality connections will expose you to different individuals with similar interests and characters.

Remember, a nurturing, supportive and loving woman will accept you for who you are, encourage your growth, and be there for you when you need her. Don't be afraid to express your emotions with the aim of attracting someone who will support you!

Comforting a man while he cries can be a sensitive and compassionate endeavor, but here are a few tips on how a woman can be supportive of her partner:

1. Be present: Be present and create time for your partner to express his emotions comfortably. Give him your full attention. Don't worry about trying to fix the problem. Just be there for him.

2. Listen actively: If he wants to tell you what's wrong, offer a listening ear without interruption. It is vital that you avoid interrupting someone while they express their feelings. Practice active listening, so you can better understand how he's feeling.

3. Show empathy: Recognize and validate his feelings. Acknowledge his pain and express empathy through words or gestures. It can be as simple as just saying "I'm so sorry you're going through this, it must be tough," or holding his hand.

4. Avoid using unsolicited advice: Men can often feel like their significant other is trying to fix the problem instead of listening to them. Avoid giving solutions or advice unless he asks for it. Let him come to terms with his emotions naturally.

5. Offer physical comfort: Offer physical comfort, such as a comforting hug, a pat on the back, or holding his hand as he cries. It's essential not to make him feel ashamed for crying.

6. Don't judge or criticise: Avoid belittling, dismissing, or judging him as he shares his emotions with you. Allow him to be vulnerable and respect his feelings.

7. Respect his boundaries: Sometimes, it may be challenging to cope with emotions at moments, and men might want space to let their emotions take a back seat. Respect his boundaries if he doesn't want to talk anymore, or ask him later how he wants you to proceed.

Remember, comforting a man while he cries is a gesture of love and support. The process might take time, so do not lose sight of empathy and solidarity. Additionally, men can be very private around sharing their feelings, so take your cues from him and follow his lead when it comes to comfort.

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