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At 14 I was 5' 4" and weighed about 170 lbs. and the girl everyone said had a pretty face. My parents are fairly wealthy so I had it easy and was home schooled by professional teachers. When my parents divorced my mother and I moved into a 17th floor luxury apartment. Boys paid no attention to me and I only had one semi friend, Lydia, who occasionally went to the mall or a movie with me. My mother was attentive at times but once she began dating Gregory they seemed to disappear on weekends. At 15 I had room service often for breakfast, lunch I had junk food most of the time and dinner at the roof top restaurant with my mom during the week but alone on Fridays and Saturdays. That's where I met Carter who was from England and worked for his father who lived in London. Carter was very nice to me and began sitting with me for dinner since we were both alone on weekends. During the week he traveled around the country for his fathers business. He was very cute and at first told me he was 21 but I later found out he was 27 at the time. I new for quite awhile he lived in a penthouse apartment then one Friday night he asked if I wanted to see it. I thought my apartment was nice until I saw this penthouse which was twice the size of mine and a view of the city that was remarkable. Each weekend after that we went to his apartment after dinner on Friday and Saturday. Within 4 weekends I had began smoking weed and tasting different wine and some imported beer. I was infatuated with Carter although I knew he didn't like me romantically. It was a Friday night when he gave me a glass of Merlot and said he was going to get a quick shower. I just sat there amazed at at the view and my surroundings. He was back in about 10 minutes and was wearing a white silk Robe that he called a smoking jacket. It barely came down to his knees and I knew right away he had nothing on under it and he was still wet from his shower. He did asked me if I minded that he made himself comfortable telling me also that he usually has nothing on. He poured himself a glass of wine and as he refilled my glass his robe was open and he was fully exposed to me. He never attempted to cover himself and only asked if it offended me. I have to admit that was the first time I saw a grown mans penis and testicles. I said no and instead of being offended I enjoyed looking at him as he just stood there talking. Then it occurred to me that he had no pubic hair and no hair on his chest. He went on telling me he had a dry skin condition and it felt better for him not to have clothes on. I doubt I believed him at the time but didn't care and was enamored by him.

Each weekend night after that became more intense and the first time I saw him totally naked was the following weekend. We had dinner, went to his penthouse had a glass of wine and that,s when he said he was going to shower. I can't recall exactly what he said but he more or less said to bring my wine and we can continue talking while he was in the shower. I never said anything and just followed him into his luxurious bathroom. Before he took off the robe he pull ed a chair over next to the shower that had a glass wall. He turned the water on dropped the robe and kept talking to me as he got in the shower. He shampooed his hair first then soaped his body and for the first time I saw him have an erection. He looked at me then and only said that me seeing him caused him to be aroused. Then he asked if it was ok for him to jerk off and would I mind. Again I said no and for the first time saw a completely naked guy masturbate. I know this sounds stupid but I loved watching him and felt myself getting aroused as I watched him ****. When he got out of the shower he wrapped a towel around him and we went back to the living room bar and watched tv. The towel came off shortly and once again he was naked and said if it offended me in any way he would put something on. My reply was it didn't bother me at all. I told him that night I liked seeing him naked which only encouraged him. He did ask if I wanted to shower but those years I was to ashamed of my body. We watched tv and played video games and every Friday and most Saturday nights he was naked.

About 6 months had gone by and the weekends couldn't come fast enough for me and I glad my mom and Gregory went away so often. I never tired of seeing Carter naked and he had a perfect body and was muscular. I know now he didn't have a really large penis but it wasn't real small either. He never tried to touch me and actually told me he had a girlfriend in Chicago where he went every other week. I watched him shower a lot and he would have me there when he he put some kind of lotion all over his body. When he rubbed it into his penis and scrotum he would always get an erection and for some reason apologize. There were a few time while in the shower he would would shave his pubic hair and chest hair as I was watching him. I never saw him show any signs of embarrassment and he obviously liked me watching him and seeing him naked. Almost a year went by and he admitted to me that it turned him on having me see him naked and watching him masturbate. I foolishly told him that watching him aroused me and that I masturbated often back at my apartment. That night he convinced me to masturbate while I was watching him jerk off in the shower. I did it but didn't take off my clothes but admitted to him I had two orgasms. The week after that Is the first time he invited me to rub that lotion on him. I was hesitant at first but the thought of touching his body overwhelmed me. He just laid their and I was so brazen I had no problem touching his dick or balls. He spread his legs open and had me wipe the cream up his but crack displaying his anus to me. He finally asked me to jerk him off and I never hesitated. I could believe how much semen he ejaculated and moaned the entire time I was doing it. I sat there for a moment and put my hand down my pants as Carter encourage me to masturbate laying there watching me. I don't know why but it didn't embarrass me as I had an orgasm. Almost a year later Carter moved back to London. When I went to college I was up to 188 lbs. and it took me two years to get into shape. I'm 27 now, 5'5" but only 124 lbs as of 2 days ago. I have had 7 boyfriends the last few years and for some reason like jerking them off. I've never had any complaints about it but I just like to watch guys **** and how they react when they do. I think Carter had some influence on the reason I like it so much. I've learned something else to, most guys don't mind exposing themselves to girls. I've been going with my present boyfriend for 2 months and I jerk him off at least 3 times a week. Guys are so easy.
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Nice story, very hot.
W3d8c 1 month ago
I’d let you jerk me off everyday. Shit sometimes i jerk myself off 3 times a day. Does that mean you don’t have sex? You just get off on jerking your boyfriend off?
Raab 1 month ago
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