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I want to start a Thanos Fan Club

I want to start a Thanos Fan Club

Thanos is right, humanoid are a virus that keep overpopulating. Half of them need to be wiped out so they stop killing planets. Thanos is wise.
anonymous Miscellaneous May 17, 2018 at 8:35 am 0
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david bowie flogged my life from me. It was my dream to get married in 1999 and have a baby in 2000 and instead him and his old bitch did and he stalked me. I think they should ban his music and that witch wife and kids of his.

that goes to prove what a asshole the guy was to fans too. what he did was a hate crime.

he hated whites and he hated being white, he should have painted himself black with some black boot polish up his rear end, I mean that guy was nuts. I don't think I will ever forgive them. ever. he killed himself anyway with drugs. that is no hero to look up to at all. they are a family of slut rip offs ! victims you can come out for all saints day! after black holes Halloween.
anonymous 3 months ago
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