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i want to buy a sex doll to be my gf

i want to buy a sex doll to be my gf

hi, im Owen. i'm 39 and i live in california. i have a thin 4 inch penis and haven't had sex in 15 years. i am also a premature ejaculator, and because of these things i am intimidated and nervous near women. i don't feel comfortable trying to date anyone so i am planning on buying a silicon love doll to be my girlfriend. i think i will feel safe and comfortable with a doll instead of a woman. what do you think of my decision?

Owen Relationships October 18, 2020 at 7:38 pm 0
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Owen! Owen!
Ok so you’re not a **** stud muffin in bed. But who really is honestly??? Who! You need to invest in a penis enlargement surgery and confidence building skills. Work on how YOU see yourself first! And everything else falls into place.
Late blooming is not as bad as a think! This decade has ways to rebuild you. The plastic doll. Nope!
Cost is about as much as the Sex doll depending on where you are in the world & health insurance.

MzCreepah 4 weeks ago
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