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I Made a Bad Decision

I Made a Bad Decision

A year ago this past April I was a junior in high school and had just been elected as editor of our school newspaper for my senior year. One of my requirements was to attend a conference at an out of town university with my staff which consisted of myself and two of my best friends along with an adviser.

The first weekend of May the three of us along with the adviser traveled to the university. Once there we had rooms in one of the university dorms on the campus. It was a beautiful location and we were excited.

That evening we ate the university cafeteria then went to the student activity center where we met and talked to some college guys while we play games Afterward we girls talked about the guys we had met hoping we would see them again.

The next days we had classes all day later having a greet and meet then a nice dinner with other attendees form around the country.

The third days was a half days of classes then free time in the afternoon to visit attractions around and near the university. We ended up at the student activity center where we again ran into two of the guys we had met earlier. Before we parted they invite one of my fiends and I to go swimming with then the next day after classes.

After much pleading with our adviser she finally agree to let us go if it was ok with our other friend to leave her on her own for a while. She approved so we were set.

The next day after classes the guys picked us up with our adviser instructing us to be back by 8 o'clock since we needed to pack for our return trip home the next day. It was around 4 o'clock so we had plenty of time.

We drove a few minutes out of town to a river and a beautiful swimming area. It was very secluded so after we swam for a short time we ended up on the beach area on blankets with the guys.

It didn't take long for us to start making out with the guys. It was nothing heavy just french kissing with a little playing with my tits. We had both lost our virginity our sophomore year so it wasn't anything new except we had only been with guys our age with these guys being 20.

It was soon obvious what the guys had in ind so when they suggested we go somewhere more comfortable we hesitated but then agreed without a clue where we were going.

A couple more miles out of town they drove up to a motel. We just looked at each other as the guys got out going in the office. We figured they would get a room and we would all go. Of course neither of us had ever done that only doing it in the back seat of a car. When they returned to our surprise they had gotten separate rooms. So with not much choice off we went to separate rooms.

Once in the room we undressed and for the first time there I was totally naked with someone then jumping in bed with a guy I hardly knew Having the whole bed to enjoy plus being naked it was much more exciting than just taking my panties off to do it in a car. We explored each others body with him being very gentle then his fingers found their way to what he was there for.

It didn't take long for his fingers to do their job so when he started to roll over on top of me I stopped him to tell him he had to use a condom. He told me he didn't have one because college girls never used them since it was better without. In a very stern tone I reminded him I wasn't a college girl but still in high school so I needed protection.

He just rolled back over telling me we would just talk until the other couple was ready to leave.

I was frustrated and very disappointed. I knew I had a condom in my purse which was in the car thinking I could go get it but being undressed I really didn't want to take the time to put my clothes back on. I started thinking about my period being due in just two days so considering the fact that some of the girls I knew would do it a couple of days before or after their periods with no problems I made the decision to go ahead without a condom for the first time.

I didn't want to just tell him I had changed my mind so I just started making out with him again. When he finally decided to try again I let him between my legs. He wasted no time taking advantage of his opportunity.

The sex was awesome so when he wanted to know how it was I agreed it was better without the condom just a little scary being my first time with protection. He never ask why I had changed my mind so definitely wasn't concerned about my well being. I had sex with him for several minutes not knowing what to expected but when I felt him unloading in me it was far more satisfying than anytime before.

We were still waiting for the other couple to call so we just stayed in bed continuing to kiss and cuddle.

Before long I could feel him getting hard again. Then thinking about how good it had been I got excited so I rolled over on my back giving him a come on look. After a little more playing we started again. This time it was taking him forever which got me very horny so I was giving it all I could. All of a sudden my body began to tingle then he started unloading again causing me to have my very first orgasm. It was so massive I remember letting out a moan then saying Holy Shit. I just grabbed onto him with both hands holding on tight until he had finished. When I let go all the energy was drained from my body.

I was so embarrassed that when he wanted to know if I was ok I told him I was sorry that I hadn't expected that. He laughed then told me I shouldn't be sorry because I was fantastic in bed and definitely knew how to use "that thing". Being totally embarrassed by that I just commented that I guessed I wasn't bad for a high school girl ha-ha.

Shortly thereafter my friend called to let us know they would be ready to leave in a few minutes so we got out of bed. When I stood up I could not believe how much of him started running out of me so I ran to the bathroom cleaning out as much as I could.

Once we were back at the dorm our adviser and other friend wanted to know if we had had a good time. We told them we had a great time glancing at each other. I guess we had sheepish looks so the adviser looked straight at us saying she hoped we hadn't done anything foolish then dropped the subject.

We returned home the next day falling into our normal routine at school on Monday. The next day when due I didn't have a sign of getting a period. After a couple more days with still no signs I was in a panic so I called my friend who had been with me. I told her I thought I was in trouble because of our trip to the motel. She took that to mean someone had found out about it so when I told her no I had missed my period she said it was probably just late and 99% unlikely using a condom. When I told her we had actually done it twice without a condom plus what had happened the second time she freaked out. She was shocked since none of our close friends had never taken a chance on that happening-

We waited a few more days just to make sure then I took a pregnancy test which confirmed it. It didn't take long for word of my condition to get around so we had to admit to our adviser what we had done. We were both taken off the newspaper staff then suspended from school.

My parents wanted to take me back to the university to try to find the guy but I refused telling them I was the responsible one since he stopped when I told him I needed protection then I made the decision to have unprotected sex with him. Also, I really did't want him to know since he had shown no concern for me.

Nine months later in February I had a beautiful baby boy who is still the apple of my eye.
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That is sweet that you have such a lovely child. Just don’t lose track of the guy as your child will yearn to know his father. It is only natural. You owe it to the father to let him know despite his poor treatment of you. The role of a partner and the role of a father are separate. Reach out and inform but definitely continue to adore the little one. You are brave.
anonymous 5 years ago
Hot. I remember those days. High school was a blast, but you have to use protection unless you're trying to conceive.

You should find the boy's father since it's his kid to help support. Not to mention.. Not telling the father is horribly shitty and you could pay damages down the road for keeping a secret child from him. Be fair.
Jen 5 years ago
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