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I m a very curious guy

I m a very curious guy

Situation: You love going to the beach regularly to relax, and because you have 35DD Breasts, you do get flirted on by alot of guys, but these guys clearly lack any substance or intelligence which are things you really want in a guy.

It’s night time and after a stressful day at work, You REALLY needed to unwind and relax.

I am doing my usual Nightime beach stroll, which has become habbit to me when I see you relaxing in your bikini, I get a hard on and start running a million questions in my head, but I just shake it all off, and I sit next to you and just start a casual, non-flirty conversation.

You get the vibe that I am interested in you and so you keep yourself fully aware, but your surprised when I start stating facts about space, these facts get your brain pumping and naturally, you want to know more, so throughout the corse of a few hours, I pretty much have a full on intelectual conversation with you.

But then you ask: You did’nt sit next to me just to show off your knowledge did you, You were hoping to flirt with me in a different way?

My face goes bright red and I begin to stutter the words “I...I...I do think you look S...S...Sexy, but I h...h...have known m...m...many guys whom are n...n...not so intelectual to not get l...l...lucky because t...t...the girl wants an i...i...i..Intelectual type.

The stuttering makes you giggle a little so you lean up and give a kiss on my cheek and say “Girls also like guys who are confident, and are willing to make the first move, your first move was sitting next to me and getting my brain quite active, that kiss is my first move, I’ll go out with you, one one condition, You build up some confidence because that seems to be one thing you don’t have much of”

You get up and walk home, meanwhile I continue to sit and ponder.

Two whole months go by before we see each other at the same beach, you see me and are interested to see if my confidence has grown in 2 months.

I sit next to you and start with small talk followed by some intelectual conversation, then out of nowhere, I say “When I met you that night, I wanted so bad to sweep you up and kiss you under the stars because your so beautiful to me, but I figured to do am action like that on a girl you just met generally is not very well recieved, so I figured it would be wisest to be patient and wait for a time when it would be better for a kiss to be more positively recieved.

But you kiss me on the lips anyway and say “Why did’nt you though, Intelecual guys turn me on, and you really got me feeling ready, but when I called you out your seeming lack of confidence turned me off”

I turn red again, but this time I say “Well in the past 2 months I had been doing what I call a self confidence assessment and building excercise, and it more or less involved me imaging myself talking to you in a romantic way, I noticed I stuttered out of fear, and I was not shall we say standing by my statement wholeheartedly, I did read on a site that confidence is knowing what you can do, and not being afraid of your capabilities, I feel like I could potientoally be the boyfriend you would want, so would you be interested in going out with me sometime?

How would you react/answer?
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