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i like my best friend s old crush

i like my best friend s old crush

so my friend used to always gush to me about her crush last year - to the point that i started to like him too. i couldn't tell her tho obviously. anyways we both had this class with him, but i also had other classes with him whereas she didn't. idk what i'm even trying to say but i just felt like her crush also liked me, but we barely talked and were mostly just classmates that were both very loud lol. anyways nothing happened all last school year - my friend confessed to him and got rejected and she got over him kinda - and I just kept admiring him from afar

then this year i didn't have any classes with him anymore, but still saw him in the school library or in the hallways, and we would very occasionally make small talk if we were both in the classroom where we used to have a class together last year. and i found out thru observation that he got a gf, although idk if they're still together since i haven't seen them near each other recently. so i was kinda bummed, but not too bothered since i barely saw him anyways and wasn't that close to him to begin with

anyways valentines day is coming up soon and my school does this thing where u can send flowers to another student with a note and it can be anonymous if u want if u just dont write ur name on it. so my friend wanted to write one and send it to her ex-crush basically saying "i don't like u anymore" or whatever. and she was planning on writing it in really fancy writing so he wouldn't know its her. but something in me kinda hopes that he thinks it was me who wrote it, since i am known around the school for having really fancy writing and idk smth in my brain is like "if he liked u last year and thinks it was u who wrote it, he will question u about it and stuff is gonna happen"

ugh idek why i'm writing this
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