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Hippie parents

Hippie parents

First, my parents were pothead hippies and we moved into an old building when I was 14 that at one time was an orphanage. There were 7 couples, one single woman and a total of 19 kids ranging from 7 years old to 14 which myself and Regina were the oldest. The first floor consisted of a humungous kitchen, dining room and tv/rec. room. The 2nd floor was for the adults, had 5 bedrooms and a large dorm room. The 3rd floor for the kids was simply a large dormitory with lots of beds. The bathroom on each floor was almost identical. There were 7 shower stalls 7 toilet stalls and one open bath tub with 6 sinks. The stalls were old wooden stalls with the doors only about 3 ft. in height so if was obvious if it was occupied. The problem was there was little privacy as some hinges were missing or broke and 1 didn't even have a door. Out of the 19 kids including me there were 11 girls. originally the dorm bedroom was supposed to be one side for girls the other for boys. What screwed things up was siblings wanted to sleep near each other so it became mixed up quickly. The bathroom was comical, the younger kids didn't care who saw them naked but it didn't matter because the privacy level was near zero. At 14 I have to admit I didn't mind seeing 11,12 or 13 year old girls nude and went out of my way to do so. What was unexpected on my part was when I knew one or more of them saw me naked. Most of them were just as guilty as I was for looking into the shower stalls. We lived there for over 2 years and when I think about it I probably jerked off hundreds of times in those showers. I became so accustom to the other kids seeing me naked I would enter and exit the shower that way. I was still 14 when I started sleeping naked with no care of who saw me.

The adults were seldom on the 3rd. floor except after dinner some evenings giving the younger kids a bath. Once dinner hour was over you could smell the weed being smoked every night. I can't confirm this but I suspected for a long time there was a lot of sex going on and not necessarily between husbands and wives. I would hope to think my parents never switched partners but believe they did. There were rules for the kids and it seemed the #1 rule was kids were not allowed on the 2nd floor after 9 pm every night. There were two sets of stairs and after dark kids were only allowed to use the back steps where the 2nd floor door was locked. Other than that we all had the run of the house. One thing that will always be remembered is when I began sleeping naked each night. I was still 14 and one night Melissa who was 12 and Carmela who I think was 11 came over to my bed with a flashlight shining it on my genitals. I was half asleep at first but even when alert only squinted and faked sleeping. I soon felt myself getting an erection and without any expectation or warning felt Melissa flicking my penis with her finger. By the time Carmela did it I had a full hard on and they kept taking turns doing it. They stayed for what I think was about 15 minutes and as soon as they went back to bed I masturbated. They continued doing it usually only about once a week and I wished they did it more frequently. There were several other girls that came with Melissa sometimes but its so long ago I'm not sure who they were. A few times Regina told me they were doing that but I only said I didn't care. Regina and I were never close and even though she probably saw me naked many times I don't ever remember seeing her undressed except in night clothes. There were 4 or 5 girls between 11 and 13 aside from Melissa and Carmela who would look into my shower stall. It did arouse me and I did jerkoff knowing they were watching me. None of them ever said much about it except Melissa who would mention seeing me naked and matter of fact say she saw me masturbate. I usually just shook my head or say its was ok. Not once was I ever confronted by a parent or one of my parents about nudity in over the 2 years we lived there.

I live on the east coast now, just turned 35, am married to a beautiful woman and have 2 kids. Last summer a new woman started working in my office only a few desks away. Her name is Carmela and I just thought holy shit that's the same girl from many years ago and one of them who would flick my penis and Melissa's best friend. We did talk about that house and other kids but neither she or I brought up any of the naked stuff. I had certainly saw her naked many times but in reality she saw me naked in the showers and in my bed and I can't begin to think how often she watched me jerk off. It was just before the pandemic shut down that I had lunch with her in the cafeteria. We talked for about ten minutes and all the sudden she said that I was quite a conversation piece 20 some years ago. She smiled and laughed as she told me how the girls would tell each other when they saw me naked. She admitted peeking into the showers along with the other girls but seemed to blame Melissa. She never mentioned when they came to my bed with the flashlight, touched my penis or saw me get a hard on. Also not said was how often she saw me masturbate. She is also married and has a kid and seems to be a real nice woman. I met her husband at Christmas time and I sure hope she never told him anything about me. I never told my wife any of this and don't ever plan to. As much I like Carmela I don't ever want her to get friendly with my wife.

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