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An arousing eye full

An arousing eye full

I moved into the city for my job 2 years ago to a high rent apartment. and 6 months ago my buddy Larry and his mom let me move into their house where I only pay $125. a week rent with no cost for utilities and she even makes me dinner most nights. The problem is, which is really not a problem, is Larry's mom is is a knockout. I'm 23 and she is 43 but just a beautiful woman not knowing why she is divorced from Larry's dad. Larry is an EMT and works different shifts all the time which means I am there with his mom often alone. When he is here she is always dressed or in modest night clothes. When he works night shift she goes around in night shirts and nightgowns that leave little to the imagination. Some are so sheer its obvious she has no underwear on, some so short that the slightest reaching or bending reveals a naked ass or vagina with no pubic hair. She does have a boyfriend who she goes away with on weekends but during the week, when Larry is at work, she exposes herself to me purposely. I wouldn't dare tell Larry this but I even see her totally naked often. She readily announces to me she is going to take a bath and goes to the bathroom with a glass of wine. In a short time she calls me and opens the door asking me if I will get her another glass of wine. Then she goes back to the tub to retrieve the glass. There is a mirrored wall across from the tub so with the door still open a few inches I can see her back and front as she hands me the glass. Other times she has me bring her a towel from the linen closet in the hallway or involve me in some kind of conversation as she stands behind the door. She has to know I can see her in the mirror but acts as though she is oblivious to it.

Its generally starts when she makes me dinner and as I'm eating she appears in one of her night gowns or nightshirts. I end up sitting there with a hard on especially when she wears the white or yellow nightgowns since they are almost transparent. By the time I shower at night I'm so aroused by her I end up jerking off. About four months ago she began interrupting me while in the bathroom asking me to look for something in the medicine cabinet or on one of the shelves. At first I tried shutting the door but she held it open a crack then I would put a towel around me. After the first few time it was obvious she was trying to see me naked. I'm not sure if I can call it courage or just a pay back but I stopped trying to cover myself and just let her see me nude. After a week or two of her doing that she began getting me to have conversations like I had with her in the bathroom. I'll be standing behind the door naked knowing she can see me and unintentionally get an erection. At first I tried to hide it but when I did she just kept talking to me about something mundane so I just let he see me with a hard on. This continues every time Larry is on night shift and if he knew about this he would and could beat the shit out of me. His mom and I have never said a word to each other about it. As much as we talk to each other even when Larry is home, mum is the word. Its like it never happens and Larry doesn't realize how attractive his mother is. His mom and I never talk about sex with each other and all our conversations are about everyday things, events or news even when she wears the revealing night clothes. Never has she said anything suggestive to me and therefore exposing ourselves to each other is the limit.
Greg Sins June 19, 2022 at 2:25 pm 0
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If your worried so much about it just move out find your own place then you can walk around nude. get yourself off when you feel like it
Judy 1 year ago
A couple things to consider here. First, if the woman is hot enough it's worth an ass kicking. Second, if Larry breaks mommy's boy toy he may get booted from her house.

Jay 1 year ago
Just get in there and do her, for heaven's sake. That's obviously what you both want.
Ricky 5 months ago
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